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What Is UTokyo FD?


Staff of the Center for Research and Development of Higher Education engaged in UTokyo FD

  • Kayoko Kurita Ph.D.

    Kayoko Kurita Ph.D.

    Professor. Director of UTokyo FFP and MOOC.

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  • Wonhwa Park Ph.D.

    Wonhwa Park Ph.D.

    Assistant Professor

  • Akira Haga Ph.D.

    Akira Haga Ph.D.

    Project Assistant Professor

  • Airi Kawakami

    Airi Kawakami

    Project Academic Specialist

  • Yumiko Noguchi

    Yumiko Noguchi

    Project Specialist

  • Osami Nabeta

    Osami Nabeta

    Project Academic Specialist

  • Emiko Yoshino

    Emiko Yoshino

    Project Academic Specialist