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Site Policy


Unless otherwise specified, the copyright of any text, images, etc. on this website is held by the University of Tokyo. However, copying or reproduction is permissible if this is within a citation.

2. Links to pages

In principle, you are free post links and URLs to pages on this website in media such as magazines, but you may be refused depending on the content, etc. of your website. If you are linking to something please be aware of the following:
(1)It is prohibited to link to this website as a way of advertising or marketing your homepage, etc.
(2)Please ensure that it is understood that you are linking to the University website.
(3)It is prohibited to display any page from this website within a frame on your website.
※ If you have shared a link or posted in a magazine, etc., you do not need to notify the University.
※ Please be advised that the University may cease posting or change the URL of the page concerned without advance notice, etc.

3. Links to external websites

With regard to links to external websites posted on this website, the University of Tokyo will not bear any responsibility for the content of these websites, etc. The University will not accept requests to post links to external websites.

4. Cookies

This website sends information known as a cookie (created by this website) to your computer and collects anonymous traffic data via your web browser. This enables us to understand and analyze your access status so we can provide helpful online services that are easier to use.

5. JavaScript environment

This website uses JavaScript. Please be aware that it may not display correctly if you do not have JavaScript enabled in your browser settings.


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