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[Report] Pre-FFP Held on April 11th, 2019

We held the “Pre-FFP” at Library Plaza, B1, General Library Annex for the fourth time on Thursday, April 11.

Since we heard voices that said, “It is too big a challenge to join the UTokyo FFP throughout a semester without preparation,” we gave a brief explanation of the UTokyo FFP and enabled the participants to learn some of the material including active learning through experience in the two-hour event.


There were many visitors on the day, and we welcomed record-high 52 participants in total. We first gave a lecture on the changes in higher education and the social background of implementing active learning with the following goals: “To understand the significance and changes of education at university and think of them as your own matters.”

The lecture was followed by two trial sessions as shown below:

(1) Active Learning Strategies

Taking “Think Pair Share” as an example, the participants experienced the strategy and organized the points such as “Clarify the instructions,” and “Don’t let the means become an end.”

(2) Motivation

The instructor presented the model of motivation such as “expectancy” and “value” and let the participants think of a class design that motivates students through a discussion on “cases of failure in conducting classes.”


Here are some of the feedback we received from the participants.

“I am now more interested in active learning by experiencing it by myself. I would like to learn more about AL through regular FFP.” (Graduate student in the doctoral course, School of Science)

“What impressed me the most was the importance of inspiring students. I had an experience as a TA, but I think I wasn’t able to inspire students then, so now I know what points I should improve.” (Graduate student in the master’s course, Graduate School of Mathematical Sciences)

“Rubric, portfolio… There were so many techniques that I first met that I’m now excited to take the regular program.” (Graduate student in the doctoral course, Graduate School of Medicine)

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all the participants who spared their precious time for joining our Pre-FFP.

Lastly, we would like to announce that the application form is now available for the UTokyo FFP to be conducted in the next S Term. (Application deadline: Sunday, April 14th.) https://utokyofd.com/en/ffp/apply/

Regardless of your participation in the Pre-FFP, we look forward to your applications!

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