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“Basic Training for New UTokyo Employees” Videos Now Available

The videos and materials (including the English version) of the “Basic Training for New UTokyo Employees” conducted in AY2018 are now available online.

The training includes lectures on teaching, which are closely connected to UTokyo FD programs.


It is also helpful to faculty/staff members who have already worked at UTokyo for a long time. Please check it out.

*Note that the following videos/materials are exclusive to UTokyo members.


Notice (internal)



Video List




-Compliance: Video PDF

-Education: Video PDF

-Rules on Conditions of Employment and Individual Number Card: Video PDF

-Harassment Prevention: Video PDF

-Barrier-free: Video PDF

-Environmental Safety, Disaster Preparedness, and Mental Health (Prof. Dobashi): Video PDF

-Environmental Safety, Disaster Preparedness, and Mental Health (Prof. Okubo): Video PDF

-Information Security, Information Ethics, and Information System Video PDF

-External Funds: Video PDF

-Research Ethics: Video PDF

-University-Corporate Relations: Video PDF

-Export Control Management: Video PDF

-The University of Tokyo Foundation: Video PDF


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