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[10th UTokyo FFP] DAY 5 Exercise in Giving Feedback on Lectures & Summary (Experiencing the Strategy of “Poster Tour”)

DAY 5 sessions were held on November 30th and December 1st. This time, the topics were “Exercise in Giving Feedback on Lectures” and “Summary.”

Exercise in Giving Feedback on Lectures

Every UTokyo FFP participant conducted a 6-min lecture for microteaching, which did not end with just one trial. They conducted lectures according to the following schedule:

Examination of a lecture for microteaching (to find the viewpoints for designing “a good lecture for microteaching” and to practice giving feedback) (DAY 5)
Conducting a lecture for microteaching (1st trial) in small groups of 5–6 & thorough peer-reviewing (DAY 6)
Conducting a lecture for microteaching (2nd trial) (in groups of 12–13) (DAY 7)

This time, we went through the first step of the above three. Two participants with different research fields voluntarily conducted or were appointed to conduct lectures for microteaching, and the whole participants examined those lectures. This activity was intended to help the participants enhance the quality of their lectures for microteaching by sharing feedback from multiple perspectives.

Prior to the examination of the lectures for microteaching, participants were informed about the value of conducting lectures for microteaching (i.e., it is a precious opportunity), ground rules (i.e., to keep in mind the 3Ks: “Be respectful (敬意 Keii) to others,” “Speak without reserve (忌憚なく Kitan naku),” and “Be constructive (建設的 Kensetsuteki).”), and that they should find the viewpoints for designing their own lectures through the activity.

・A lecture for microteaching (6 min)
・Participants fill in the feedback sheets while the lecturer receives feedback from the instructor. (3 min)
・Group discussions on what was good about the lecture and what points needed improvement (12 min)
・Sharing and discussing the ideas in the whole classroom (12 min) (It actually took more than 12 minutes.)

Following the two lectures for microteaching, participants discussed and shared how to generalize the points that were good or that needed improvement they had found in those lectures. The generalization process was intended to help the participants acquire viewpoints for designing their lectures for microteaching and their regular classes in the future.

Summary (using “Poster Tour”)

Participants reviewed what they had learned so far, using a strategy called “Poster Tour.” The goals of this activity were not just to review the materials but also to experience the “Poster Tour,” one of the active learning strategies.

For more details on the “Poster Tour,” please click the following link: “Interactive Teaching” WEEK 2: Poster Tour

The assignment for reflection included the examination of the advantages and disadvantages of the strategy compared with the “Gallery Walk,” which was conducted in the previous session.

Active learning strategies seem difficult to be applied to practices just from the knowledge acquired through lectures. Experiencing such strategies by themselves allow learners to realize their effects and limits. It does not necessarily assure that you will “be able to use the strategies,” but at least it helps you imagine how to use them based on your own experience.


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