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“Interactive Teaching” Now Available at JREC-IN Portal

Center for Research and Development of Higher Education, The University of Tokyo, and the Japan Center for Educational Research and Innovation (JCERI) published the online course “Interactive Teaching” on JREC-IN Portal.
JREC-IN Portal is “an informative portal site that supports the career development and skills building of researchers, research assistants, technicians and other research-related human resources” run by the Japan Science and Technology Agency.
“Interactive Teaching” has now become one of the courses of “E-learning for research-related human resources.”

You can download a notification of completion once you finish all the lessons.
Check out the video clips.
For more details, please visit “Interactive Teaching” JREC-IN Portal.

We hope that “Interactive Teaching” will reach more and more people.
Thank you.

For any inquiries, please contact Nagafumi Nakamura at the following address:
Please replace (at) with @ and send an e-mail with the title “IT_JREC-IN.”


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