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[9th UTokyo FFP] DAY 2

DAY 2 sessions were held on April 20th and 21st. The topics were as follows:

  • ・Instructional design and the ADDIE model
  • ・Class design (How to design a class of 90 or 105 minutes)
  • ・Active learning strategies (Asking questions, Think-Pair-Share, and Peer Instruction)
  • ・Effects and limits of active learning
  • ・Motivation (Expectancy-value theory)
  • ・Exercise in class design
  • ・Today’s class design
This was the second class following the previous one held a week before.
We revised the part on learning about motivation in this 8th semester.
The participants were provided with handouts on a case where an instructor failed to motivate students, an excerpt from “How learning works: Seven research-based principles for smart teaching” (Ambrose, et al., 2010), and worked on developing advice on what the instructor should do to motivate them. We used to ask the participants to develop advice about classes that they found boring respectively instead.
Relating the topic to their own experience is important for incorporating what they learn into their own context, but it is also important to deepen their learning by sharing the issue with others. Particularly when the time is limited, it is more efficient to discuss the common issue from multiple perspectives instead of taking time for sharing different topics by explaining and grasping their background, and that is why we changed the activity in this way.
It seemed to work as expected. However, we received several pieces of feedback saying, “The time for the activity was not enough,” so we are thinking of revising the class design or adding an online discussion.
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