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[Report] “Interactive Teaching” Big Real Session Videos Available

All videos of the “Interactive Teaching” Big Real Session (BRS) (held on February 4th, 2017), from the introduction to the wrap-up, are now available online!
You can watch the videos session by session on either website as follows:
UTokyo TV: http://todai.tv/contents-list/faculty/brs-1#__tabcon-6
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGkctuF55veBi7xDGCgcYkw

[For BRS participants]
Please use the videos for your reflection. The staff and speakers had a lot to realize recently by reviewing the videos under editing. (Let us share our reflections at another time.) We hope the videos remind you of “What I learned today” and “My determination to apply what I learned to my life tomorrow” two months ago and motivate you toward the new academic year.

[For those who were unable to join BRS due to conflicting schedules or losing the lottery]
Thank you for waiting. You must be busy at the turn of the academic year, but we offer the videos session by session. Please start with the session you are interested in in your spare time.

[For those who would like to learn about “Interactive Teaching”]
As they say, “Seeing is believing.” Please take a look at the videos to know about BRS. However, “Thinking is far greater than seeing,” and “Acting is far greater than thinking.” We hope these videos will become an opportunity for you to join the projects to support those who support learners.

[Call for sending reports on utilizing the videos]
We would also appreciate it if you would let us know the use of the videos in your activities. Please notify us of any brief reports from this form. We would like to share your efforts (e.g., for studying by yourself, (online) workshops, etc.).


Lastly, thank you very much to the UTokyo TV staff for their cooperation from filming the event to publishing the videos. We are impressed with their quick and accurate work, editing the videos beautifully. It might be a little inadequate in terms of business etiquette to praise our colleagues in a broad sense, but we would like to express our sincere gratitude to them.

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