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“Interactive Teaching” Leaflet Release

The leaflet of “Interactive Teaching”, which is available on Coursera for free, has been newly released.

  • This leaflet summarizes various information about Interactive Teaching, such as the features and structure of the course, how to take the course, and information on events.
  • In addition, we aimed to create a cheerful and friendly leaflet by including many pictures of the course mascot, Italu-kun and by using multiple colors.


If you want the actual leaflets, please reach out to us at: utokyo_fd[at]he.u-tokyo.ac.jp (Please replace [at] with @.)

We hope that this leaflet will be viewed by many people and the course will continue to be utilized in various educational settings.

Click here(Coursera “Interactive Teaching”) for course registration and details.

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[Course Outline]

  • ■Goal: To acquire teaching knowledge, skills, and techniques necessary for promoting interactive learning where students take an active role in their learning.
  • ■Language: Provided in both Japanese and English
  • ■Instructors: Kayoko Kurita (The University of Tokyo) and more
  • ■Fee: Free of charge (An additional fee is necessary if you would like a certificate to be issued.)
  • ■Structure: The course is designed to be completed in eight weeks, each consisting of three sessions: Knowledge Session, Skill Session, and Story Session. The topic for each week is as follows:
  •  Week 1 Learning about Active Learning
  •  Week 2 Active Learning Techniques
  •  Week 3 The Science of Learning
  •  Week 4 Designing a 90-minute Class
  •  Week 5 Designing a More User-Friendly Syllabus
  •  Week 6 Evaluations That Promote Learning
  •  Week 7 Thinking about Career Paths (1): What Being a Professor Means
  •  Week 8 Thinking about Career Paths (2): The Use of Portfolio
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  • [Inquiries]
    • Center for Research and Development of Higher Education, The University of Tokyo
    • Airi Kawakami
    • E-mail: utokyo_fd[at]he.u-tokyo.ac.jp (Please replace [at] with @.)
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