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【Report】UTokyo Global FFDP 2nd Edition:DAY 2

The second session (DAY 2) of the 2nd edition of UTokyo Global FFDP was held online on Tuesday, May 30th, 2023. The topic of the session was “teaching and learning methods, strategies and techniques”. The following are some of the key moments (highlights) of the session.



During the class, we first summarized the contents of DAY 1 using the participants’ responses to what they learnt. The responses were collected through a reflective writing task which we had asked the participants to submit by DAY 2.

Also, we used ChatGPT to create a classroom assessment technique (CAT). We discussed “flipped classroom”, reviewing the explanation generated by ChatGPT by forcing the AI to offer a not fully correct explanation.

We learnt about different teaching and learning techniques using experiential learning (i.e., we learnt about jigsaw through jigsaw). We learnt 4 techniques: Think-pair-share, jigsaw, gallery walk, and fishbowl. The picture shows a breakout room.

Then we discussed and shared ideas about teaching and learning techniques strategies with the whole class.

At the end of the class, we granted options to the participants to continuously keep track of their own learning gains. We asked them to fill in the online form, and we will discuss the results in the next class, DAY 3.

Stay tuned for new reports of UTokyo Global FFDP after DAY 3!


Dr. Gabriel Hervas (Lecturer. Project Associate Professor)

Ms. Airi Kawakami(Staff. Project Academic Specialist)

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