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【Report】UTokyo Global FFDP 2nd Edition: DAY 8

The eighth and last session (DAY 8) of the 2nd edition of UTokyo Global FFDP was held in-person on Tuesday, July 25th, 2023. The topic of the session was “Reflection on our learning“. The following are some of the key moments (highlights) of the session.



First, we discussed three relevant statements connected to different topics addressed during the program and that had also appeared in the initial survey and in short surveys that the participants responded during the course:

  1. 1.Teaching in person and teaching online are entirely different practices
  2. 2.Faculty should make their teaching practice open to others (public)
  3. 3.A syllabus should be considered a non-modifiable “contract” between teacher and students

For the first two statements, the participants took part in a teaching and learning technique called “fishbowl“. The groups were conformed based on their responses to the different surveys in order to promote a debate with diverse perspectives.

During the second part of the class, the participants answered a set of quizzes with questions related to the contents addressed in the course; they had also answered these questions at different moments throughout the course.

The responses were used to address pending questions or unsolved doubts; at the same time, data from the participants’ responses across the course were used to track their learning path and reflect on it.


Lastly, we spent the end of the class hearing some comments and feedback from the participants and planning new events to continue contributing to their professional development.

Hence, although UTokyo Global FFDP of this academic year has ended, we will continue to provide other learning opportunities in English. Amongst them, UTokyo FD Open, a series of events on educational topics open to everyone regardless of your institution, check the information in this link:  https://utokyofd.com/en/event/post-13371/

Thank you very much for reading the reports. Stay tuned for our further updates!


Dr. Gabriel Hervas (Lecturer. Project Associate Professor)

Ms. Airi Kawakami(Staff. Project Academic Specialist)

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