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【Report】UTokyo Global FFDP 2nd Edition:DAY 4

The fourth session (DAY 4) of the 2nd edition of UTokyo Global FFDP was held in-person on Tuesday, June 20th, 2023. The topic of the session was “course & syllabus design“. The following are some of the key moments (highlights) of the session.



First, we started the class reviewing the contents of the previous class with the participants’ ideas through an online resource to gather their responses in real-time.

After that, we made explicit for the participants part of the design of the course. In particular, we explained how we have been reviewing each day the learning of the previous classes.

For us, this was key for two reasons: (a) doing this makes visible for the participants part of the rationale of the learning experience they are going through, and (b) these are ideas that the participants can also implement in their own classes (hence, it is also a learning material).

During the class, we reviewed different ideas regarding course and syllabus design that appeared in the video that the participants watched before the class (backward design, constructive alignment, potential components of a syllabus, etc.).

Following this, we explored different educational notions (goals, objectives, intended learning outcomes), by examining how different universities define and use these terms.

In relation with this, we learnt about how to write learning outcomes, amongst others, considering Bloom’s taxonomy.

With this preparation, the main activity of the class involved the participants in reviewing their syllabi and in sharing ideas and feedback to continue improving them. We were glad to see that all the participants discussed very actively (even during the break)!

Lastly, we explained the following sessions (the participants will teach design a class and will teach it in front of their peers so they can receive feedback).

Stay tuned for new reports of UTokyo Global FFDP after DAY 5!


Dr. Gabriel Hervas (Lecturer. Project Associate Professor)

Ms. Airi Kawakami(Staff. Project Academic Specialist)

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