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Self-Study Materials

Self-Study Materials

For Teaching in English:
Discussion Issues

The materials presented here are video contents developed for “Workshop on English Classroom Management”.

These video contents provide solutions to problems that instructors are likely to encounter during group discussions in their English-medium courses.

These contents include worksheets corresponding to each video clip. The worksheet consists of questions, subtitle scripts (in both English and Japanese), quiz and discussion topics. We hope you will find them useful in learning with the video clips.

List of Videos

Opening is an introduction describing the background of the video clips and the situation a fictitious novice faculty member is in.
Cases 1-5 illustrate five cases. Each clip consists of five parts: the presentation of the problem, some examples of possible solutions, exposition of the solutions, precautions, and useful phrases.
The possible solutions shown in the clips are just a few of various ways to solve the problem.
Please make use of these samples and also think of other solutions that best suit your own situation.